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How it all started

Established in 2019, From Pain to Power is a 501 (c)(3) based in the Greater DMV metropolitan area. From Pain to Power aims to provide women who have been victims of domestic abuse with the supports necessary to turn their pain into power. We hope to achieve this using two programmatic thrusts:

Instilling a sense of power and dignity in women who have been the victims of domestic violence by providing direct services, confidence-building social gatherings and access to resources; and

Informing & empowering policymakers and service providers to better support victims of domestic abuse by developing policy proposals that are solution-oriented. 

Beautiful are those whose brokenness give birth to transformation & wisdom.
—John Green

How it all started

Brielle N. Bucksell

Aside from being a mother to a beautiful daughter, Brielle N. Bucksell (26) is the Founder and Executive Director of From Pain to Power. In those capacities, she is responsible for spearheading our organization’s pursuit of the lofty ideals expressed in our mission statement. A survivor of domestic violence herself, Brielle is a champion for women’s empowerment. She believes in the power of education & community collaboration as tools to help bring about an end to domestic violence in our lifetime.