You Are Not Alone

24-Hour National Domestic Violence Hotline

Out of the mud of your fears, struggles, pain, & confusion, the lotus flower of your inner heart will spontaneously grow

Domestic Violence, also referred to as “domestic abuse” or “intimate partner violence,” is defined as a pattern of violent or aggressive behavior within a relationship regardless of gender, age, sexual orientation, race, religion, or economic status.

This behavior is inclusive of physical, emotional, verbal, sexual, mental/psychological, and/or economical abuse by one partner with the intent to gain power or control over the other.

Intimate Partner Violence Can Be Severe.

experience domestic violence in their lifetime.



acts of domestic violence against women annually



phone calls are made daily to domestic violence hotline worldwide



deaths a year worldwide due to domestic violence

The lotus comes from the murkiest water
but grows into the purest thing.

—Nita Ambami